We finished our first prototype!

The first (okay really the second) prototype

We have finished our first prototype! If we’re being completely honest, it was our second; the first really put the rough in rough draft (and we might pretend it never happened). The bed isn’t polished yet, but we are immensely pleased with the quality and comfort, and we have just sent the bed off for user testing to make sure that your pups will be too.

Stay tuned! We’re excited with the current progress, and we’re looking forward to getting our eco-beds into your hands – we’re almost there!

Welcome from Greentail!

Welcome from the founders! Ryan and Conor are super excited to start this journey and build a community where we can find a sustainable solution to old clothing. Inspired by our desire to reduce our carbon footprint, we realized that we could design a system where we take old clothes and repurpose them to be enjoyed by our furry friends: dogs. We want to share this system with our community as a whole.

Our work won’t end with dog beds. As we build up our infrastructure, we hope to provide recycling options that reach beyond clothing and beds. Thank you for your support and interest in joining our community; we are looking forward to a greener future together.