Our Story

At Greentail, we strive to put an end to textile waste.

It all started when I learned the ugly truth about clothes and fabric waste ─ 13.2 million tons of textiles are put into landfills every year in the US alone. I wanted to stop this unnecessary waste by repurposing old clothes and fabrics into new products. When I noticed how much my friends’ pets loved to sit on laundry, Greentail was born. Cleaning and shredding old fabrics into a stuffing turned out to be the perfect pet bed filler.

The Greentail team aims to make every bed with the care and dedication that should be put into products to make them last. Through our love of the Earth and our pets, we are motivated to do our part in stopping further climate change. Thank you for joining us on our path to a greener future!

– Ryan Dowgiewicz, Founder of Greentail