Sustainable, Handmade Pet Beds

At Greentail, we’re tackling global textile waste by repurposing used clothes and pre-consumer recycled material into brand new luxury dog and cat beds.

When you purchase a Greentail bed, you help make the planet and your pets happy!

Pet Beds Reimagined

We’re proud to have the first eco-friendly pet bed on the market. Sustainability and ethics are a priority for us.

But what makes Greentail beds environmentally friendly?

Recycled Stuffing

Every Greentail bed we make is stuffed with 100% repurposed textiles. Old clothes and fabrics are cleaned and shredded to create the perfect pet bed stuffing, instead of turning into landfill waste. This is our central method to stopping the increasing global textile waste problem.

Repurposed Zipper

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does! All of our zippers are constructed from recycled plastic water bottles, therefore reducing the planet’s plastic waste problem.

Surplus Fabric Cover

The durable outer layer of our beds are handmade from deadstock fabric. Deadstock is surplus fabric that is no longer wanted or needed by the original buyer. So, rather than ordering new fabric which takes a massive amount of energy and resources to produce, we opt for deadstock as a more sustainable alternative.

Ethically Made

Our dog and cat beds are made right here in San Luis Obispo, CA by designers and seamstresses who are paid fair wages. We choose not to mass produce products to prevent from overproduction and to be sure that all our workers are paid and treated fairly.

Rated Two Paws Up!

Just look at how happy these beautiful dogs and cats look on Greentail beds!

Join Us for a Greener Future!